Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bruce!

The cupcakes are made, the table is set, the balloons are tied around banisters and chairs making the house look fine and festive. In five hours I must rise to start making birthday magic.

Bruce turns 1 today. HURRAY!

This year has gone by incredibly fast. Too fast! I just wanted to share Bruce's invitation with you and his thank you notecard. Both turned out really well, for someone who can barely run PhotoShop without having an apoplectic fit. All my PhotoShop-y friends will be so shocked that I did this. (Okay, so I had help from my husband, who is no slouch when it comes to PhotoShop. But I did a good bit of it all by myself and I'm proud.)

I'll post more about Bruce's Big Day later, once the party is over, the clean-up is complete, the sugar high has subsided and I've gotten a bit of sleep.

Oh my darling little man, how I love and adore you!
Happy Birthday, Bruce!

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A's Mom said...

Yeah, happy birthday! It was a great event! Glad we could be a part of it! Until next year.