Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stunned and Amazed

My Baby Bearcub mugging for the camera.Bwah-zghleee-buhbull-pppwwweee-nah-BAH?
[Translation: Ha ha! Mommy is so silly. Do you see any TRUCKS?]

NEWSFLASH! Today Little Sprout took a three-hour nap.

This may not sound surprising. But if you know my cuddly, lil' bear cub, you know that he is the KING of the 30-minute nap. And he didn't fuss, scream or cry about going down without nursing first. He just picked out a teddy bear to take with him to bed, hugged/played with the bear for a few minutes, then laid down and drifted off to dream land.

Several hours later I was still, quite frankly, astonished! After finishing a fairly extensive chore list, (tidying up around the house, vacuuming, throwing in a load of laundry, planning the evening meal, preparing lunch, etc.) I literally didn't know what to do with myself during the remaining hour or so of down time.

It was 45 - 60 minutes of heaven and hell. Heaven to have a few moments to myself. Hell because wandering back and forth looking for selfless tasks to perform led to idle thoughts, which led to crazy death scenarios in my overactive imagination.

(Something has got to be wrong. Little Sprout never sleeps this long! Quick, check to see if he's still breathing. Maybe he slipped into a freak coma? . . .Oh, whew . . . he just twitched/turned his head. He's not in a coma! Silent thanks to all the powers in heaven . . .)

Cross your fingers that this liberating development lasts. How sweet it would be to have a bit of downtime during the day and not spend it in sudden, but inevitable worry.

Curse your sudden, but inevitable betrayal!
Next time, I'll take a cue from Alan Tudyk, whose character in the prematurely cancelled sci-fi TV show Firefly made playing with toy dinosaurs seem like a reasonable thing to do.

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