Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Longing for line-item veto power

line-item veto powerBeth over at C. Beth Blog posited today about the wishful joys of having line-item veto power.
What an intoxicating idea!

So I'm spreading the love, which is so much nicer than saying I stole her idea, don't you think?

Like Beth – I'd keep cooking, but I'd veto dirty dishes!

I'd keep newborns but veto labor pains.

I'd keep my husband but veto nasty habits (like toxic gas) and petty arguments.

I'd keep ageless beauty and vitality but veto PMS and menopause.

I'd keep sexy firemen (or insert your favorite: men in uniform, cabana boys, men who love housework?) but veto pot bellies.

I'd keep snacks but veto empty calories.

Isn't this fun? While we wait for our line-item veto power, why don't you go over to C. Beth Blog and tell Beth how you'd make your life easier with that powerful red editing pen?


C. Beth said...

Aww, thanks for sharing the line-item love! :) Cool graphic, too!

C. Beth said...

And, oh my goodness, beautiful tatting!!

IsDihara said...

*blushes* Glad you liked the tatting, Beth.
Most folks don't know what tatting is.
You get double gold stars!