Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fave Tweet today, courtesy of Neil Gaiman: Day finally ended. Now food, then sleep. What a crap Twitter. Okay. Um, now food, then TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION! Or sleep.

I love that he writes "what a crap Twitter" days after receiving the Newbery Medal. Oh, and that part about total world domination? That's personality, baby!

I'm so enamored that I've started reading his blog:


Miriam said...

holy moly!! I didn't know he had a blog, (hmm, apparently because I'm a moron... why would a writer have a blog?) Thank you so much for sharing, I'm going to go spy on him right NOW!!!

IsDihara said...

It is all because of you that I learned of this writer in the first place (heh, apparently I'M a I am interested in children's book writing and this shining example is completely off my radar!) So I'm thrilled to be spying on him with you.