Monday, April 20, 2009

Puddle Jumpin'

In sharp contrast to the sunny and bright weekend, today the skies opened up and a steady, drubbing rain poured down. Lucky for us, mommy bought a new pair of rain boots so she could tromp around in the rain with her splash-happy son.

And that's how we spent the morning. We didn't go far; barely past the neighboring yards. Mother Nature provided plenty of small, muddy pools to run, stomp and frolic in in front of our house.

Sticks and pebbles probed the murky waters, but most of the morning's effort was spent splashing away. A couple of twigs and...drum roll, please!

Right outside of our front door is a small sink hole that usually gets filled with a flower pot to prevent tripping accidents. It was a perfect wading pool-for-one. Boots water tight? Roger that.

It is a good thing the puddle wasn't any deeper. Little Sprout would have needed waders.

Check out the self-satisfied smirk after a good depth check. Mission accomplished.


Leslie said...

Love your Wellies, much more sedate than my new ones blogged about earlier in the month. Great shots of the splashy boyo!

Leslie said...

Hey Ishdara, Thanks for coming by my blog as well.
I would recommend the book, How to knit Socks, Three Methods Made Easy. We got it from KnitPicks. DD taught herself to knit with DPNs from it as well and it's also got the two circ instructions, which we'll try next.

Jessica R. said...

How fun! My kids would never play in the mud, silly girls, don't know what they're missing!