Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend, Part One:
Barbeque to Baby Ducks

The unofficial beginning of summer at Silly Hat Central looked something like this.

Big Daddy fired up the grill and made kicked-up veggie kebabs for lunch. He also steamed a redonkulously large spaghetti squash. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar and it was a feast fit for kings.

But the day started with an early morning trip to IKEA for $49 Expedit bookcases. We scored two of these birch-stained beauties, plus Dröna fabric baskets for each cubbyhole. As you can see, Silly Hat Central was in desperate need of a storage solution for the Sprout's toys.

Now we have plenty of storage space for the trains, tracks, trucks, plastic food items, play kitchen utensils, power tools, and stray Matchbox® cars that have routinely littered the floor. A big win.

After supper, Big Daddy took Sprout down to the lake in his covered wagon to feed the "ducks," (Sprout-speak for geese) including four "baby ducks" (goslings). He must have been pretty worn out from such a full day of excitement.

The unofficial ending of the first day of Memorial Day weekend looked something like this.

Here's hoping your day was as eventful and enjoyable!

Tomorrow — strawberry picking at Belvedere Plantation. And a scrapbook page Big Daddy created to record the Sprout's 2007 visit. Oh, ha, ha, ha! Look at that sweet, berry-pickin' bunny!


Leslie said...

Happy Long Weekend to you.

Great post and thanks for the idea of splashing Balsamic Vinegar on Spaghetti Squash. We love both!

That's a great page your husband created for the Sprout's 1st trip to the strawberry patch...

IsDihara said...

Thanks, Leslie! And I hope your long weekend plans are going great. Glad you enjoyed the food suggestion!

As you can see, Big Daddy is the Photoshop whiz of the family. But little by little I have learned enough to cobble together a scrapbook page here and there and to resize photos for the blog.

There is another post going up (sometime) today, so check back when you can.

Miriam said...

ooh hahaha!!! The unofficial ending was fantastic!! I laughed so hard, I woke the dogs up...

IsDihara said...

Miriam, glad you enjoyed the ending. I caught hell from Big Daddy for posting the photo of him "holding up the couch."

Your smile makes it all worthwhile. (Hey, that rhymes!)