Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christmas in July

Today I received a piece of email marketing (what I like to call SPAM mail) from JO-ANN fabrics. Normally I just delete these but the copy caught my attention. It was promoting Christmas in July.

Growing up in small town USA we always looked forward to Christmas in July celebrations such as sidewalk sales, lifeguards wearing Santa hats at the pool, strolling around the KOA campground admiring the holiday decorations and making Santa smores around a campfire. Do people do this anymore?


Gina said...

I think you have to sign up to get JoAnn's email. I deleted it and then went today, wishing I had printed out the coupon! I see a lot of marketing about Christmas in July but I just see it as marketing, not really fun.

Unknown said...

I see a lot of Christmas in July marketing, too. I also see craft boutique sales...which is still marketing...but it's more fun!

Leslie said...

I think that is one of the things that's going the way of the Dodo, the silliness of Christmas in July. That said, if you visit small town and generational summer camps you will still find remnants of it..