Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Simple Pleasures

It has been five days since Julie's last blood test and I'm delighted to say that she's still with us. Every day more and more of Julie's personality shines through which makes it easier to focus on daily routines and other happy things. Like Bruce feeding Julie animal crackers.

And giving her lots of love when the animal crackers are all gone. (Maybe they were consoling each other.)

On Thursday she goes in for another blood test to check her packed cell volume. I'm expecting it to be lower than before, but perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised. A few days ago, I was sure that she wouldn't live as long as Thursday. And she may not, but I seem to have new hope. Here she is dozing in a defiant patch of sunlight that belies the winter chill.

By Thursday our little sun worshipper will have run out of meds. It could be that the steroids have been keeping her eating and drinking. That could be a big part of what is keeping her alive. We don't know how much longer she will be with us so we're taking it day by day. Each day is a gift.

As content as she is for the simple pleasure of warm sun on her face, I am grateful for every moment we have left to spend with her. We love you Julie, Julie.

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A's Mom said...

I can't wait to put a scrapbook together for you about Julie. Hopefully, it will be something that Bruce will be able to look at frequently and love it!