Friday, January 4, 2008

"These are the times that try men's souls."

Thomas Paine had no idea how well his words would apply to my life today. If only Pampers really did come with a poo gauge!

I know that diapers, particularly the extremely objectionable ones, are a topic that most folks prefer NOT to hear about. But since this is what I've spent my day dealing with, one disgusting diaper change after another, I've decided to share this joy with the blogosphere. Thank me now for not including actual photos.

Here is a link to another blog that uses baby diapers to describe the local air quality in their little corner of the world: Project M

Rotting catfish would smell sweet compared to the four (and counting) freakish desecrations of decency I have changed today.

What makes it all the more trying is that I am coming down with the latest plague that is circulating up and down the eastern seaboard. Everyone I have talked to has this same bug. My husband came down with it around Christmas Eve. Bruce caught it from him. And I've been fighting to stave it off, but today had my first really sore throat and low energy day.

We moms (wow, did I type that?) know that when we get sick the kids still need to be fed, changed, carted around and picked up after. A clingy, teething, sick kid's diarhea diapers were just too much for me to handle today. Oh, and so far still no tooth!

11:00 p.m. update: Still no tooth. And about an hour ago Bruce's breathing became so labored that he actually couldn't catch his breath. It was frightening! We rushed him into the bathroom and threw the shower into highest steam mode. And sat, stood, anything we could to keep him occupied while he breathed in the steam. It took the better part of a half hour before his airway loosened up enough for him to cough. So Bruce will be sleeping in mommy's arms tonight so she can monitor his breathing up close and personal.

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