Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Sprout Photos

Once again, it's very late and my brain has stubbornly decided not to cooperate. But I wanted to get a few photos of Little Sprout posted before it shut down altogether.

These were taken a week ago during a short visit by his Grandma and Grandpa. It just so happened that his Uncle dropped by to see him that very same day.

Little Sprout
is big enough to climb onto all the chairs around the house, which opens up many new opportunities for him. Here he is asking to eat flavor-blasted goldfish for breakfast.

When I told him no, he offered me one of his Playskool Wheel Pal trains (a bribe?). Sigh! I have my hands full. That's for sure.


Scott Nolan said...

Thus spaeketh the little sprout: "But Mommy, Uncle Scott says that a bribe and a really cute pouty face will get my anything I want..."


Isdihara said...

Uncle Scott certainly hit the nail on the head!

Honestly, could you resist that face?