Thursday, June 4, 2009

R.I.P. David Carradine

My mom always says bad news comes in threes.

First, David Eddings. Now David Carradine. Is this some trippy coincidence or a macabre chain of events? I can't help but wonder if another "famous Dave" will turn up his toes for tagging.

The news of David Carradine's passing came as such a shock. The actor, 72, was found dead in his hotel room yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand, where he had been filming a movie called Stretch.

Elizabeth Snead (who writes The Dishrag for The LA Times Entertainment section) posted this several hours later: Director Adam Rifkin doesn't believe David Carradine killed himself
Mr. Carradine's obituary is linked at the bottom of the story.

The Associated Press offers up reaction to the iconic actor's death:
Friends, family react to David Carradine's death

However the story plays out, David Carradine's memory deserves to be treated with dignity.

Farewell, David Carradine, you will always be remembered for your candor, your brilliant, selfless demeanor and your role as virtuous warrior Kwai Chang Caine.

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