Saturday, June 13, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Whoa, where did the week go? Summertime always rushes by so quickly, with festival outings, ice cream socials, barbecues, stayin' cool by the pool...

As much as I wish these days would last forever, without seasonal changes my psyche would suffer.

But back to six word Saturday.

Today's effort was going to be about the sunburn I got yesterday, but I only managed four words before wincing from the sting of moving my arms to type. Hee, hee! I'm such a sun weenie!

Then I remembered the bit of excitement in our neighborhood.

Without further adieu, I give you...

Carjacking teens evade police after wreck.
Derelict car recovered after teen carjacking.

A slew of squad cars patroled our neighborhood all day looking for two teen-aged carjackers. There was a brief high-speed chase that led to a collision with a truck. The teens abandoned the crashed car on foot, running into our neighborhood to evade police.

Seriously, when I was a teen-ager (back when rocks were soft and dirt was new, hee hee!) our stoopid antics maxed out at toilet-papering cars. But forcing a woman out of her car for a joy ride? What's the matter with kids today?

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