Sunday, March 16, 2008

Death Does Not Become Her

This post was nearly titled: Morbid Much?

Why? After receiving the news of my beagle-mix Julie's latest trip to the vet, I have been breathing a huge sigh of relief!

I took Julie to the vet's office to have her lethargy, pale gums and tongue, and diarrhea checked out.

My previous post clearly shows how dismal I was feeling -- certain I saw portends of the end. Thankfully, the vet reported that she could find nothing amiss. Nothing except an increasingly taut, barrel-chested body cavity. (Julie has gained a lot of weight over the past four weeks.) Steroids will play havoc on a girlish figure.

A physical exam found no overt joint swelling due to arthritis, and confirmed the unfortunate return of diarrhea. (Poor Julie. Think of that scene from The Truth About Cats and Dogs where Uma Thurman administers first aid to a sick turtle. 'Nuff said!)

A sonogram of Julie's chest cavity showed no masses or lumps, just a whole lot of water weight. Her bloodwork was stable. No change in red blood cell count from last time.

I brought Julie home and hugged her close, thanking her for putting up with my hypochondratic episode. I beg the same indulgence from all of you!

Now, I'm off to bed before parades of pink elephants, twirling badgers in tutus or other freaky hallucinations creep out of the night.

Please do continue to send your caring thoughts and wishes for Julie's medically baffling and complete recovery. Your efforts so far have done wonders!

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