Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Oh the joys of waking to find that the Easter Bunny has come!

Not yet old enough for jelly beans or chocolate bunnies, Little Sprout found an Easter basket filled with toys, books and animal crackers waiting for him on Easter morning.

Little Sprout went hunting for Easter eggs around the living room!

Oh my! He had a grand time searching for eggs behind the drapes, tucked into chair cushions or in a nook by the stairs.

He would find an egg and put it in his basket, then get distracted because he wanted to take his exciting, new egg out of the basket and put it back in again (half a dozen times).

Out of the 12 eggs that had been hidden, my little treasure hunter nabbed 9 before the novelty wore off.

After the big Easter egg hunt Little Sprout asked Big Daddy to read him a story, and instead of his new Easter book, he wanted Tails! by Matthew Van Fleet. It is an interactive book where he can touch different textures of animal tails, such as soft, fluffy, shiny, spiny, clingy, and stringy.

Oh the irony! Big Daddy asked me to share a precious moment that needs to go into his memory book. Little Sprout and Big Daddy were hanging out on the couch when Big Daddy asked,
"Do you know who the Easter Bunny is?"

Little Sprout looked up into Big Daddy's eyes and pointed right at him! Years from now when he's older and questioning whether or not the Easter Bunny is real, we will look back on this Easter with a knowing smile.

Okay, just one more photo. (I know, I should have dashed around behind Big Daddy so the shot captured Little Sprout's expression of wonder. Hindsight is always 20/20.)

Don't the bubbles look amazing? I am almost hypnotised by them, as is Little Sprout. It just goes to show, sometimes the simple things are what life is all about.

And oooh, ha, ha, ha! If you look carefully, you will see one soap bubble perfectly poised in front of Big Daddy's nose -- so silly!

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