Thursday, March 27, 2008

Savor a Flavor Victory

Little Sprout and the Hummus Pot My 13-month old son is eager to try new flavors so today I gave him two new foods.

Well, in truth only one new food — Branston Pickle — the other food — hummus — he had sampled a few weeks earlier at a neighbor's birthday party. I am thrilled to say he likes both.

Here is a photo of Little Sprout's fussy face. I had taken his sippy cup away to fix the inside straw. It had come loose and was floating inside the cup. See how he splashed juice all over his tray?

No, no, NO! Don't take my sippy cup away!
But before sharing more photos of my messy Marvin, I have to brag about Branston Pickle. You will understand why in a minute.

Little Sprout liking Branston Pickle proves that he shares my DNA. It is a big win for Mommy in Silly Hat Central's ongoing "Pickle Wars." And since I've been forced to endure rude graffiti scrawled across my Branston Pickle label, this flavor victory is one to be savored.

What rude graffiti?

The word "Pickle" on my favorite British condiment label had been altered with a Sharpie® marker to read "Puke." Big Daddy delights in these clever surprises, which is why he is sometimes called Mr. Ridiculous on these pages.

I know that often the better part of valor is in choosing our battles. But after the graffiti stunt lines were drawn and trenches dug in the war over whether Branston Pickle is an epicurean delicacy or a palate profanity.

So it was with great pride that I watched Little Sprout pick apart the tiny bites of his cheese sandwich to eat the saucy pickle bits first. I wanted to hug him close when he baby-signed for more!

Naturally I called Big Daddy right away to share the good news. His response?

“He's no child of mine.”

Like I said, it was a banner day for Mommy.

Resorting to Barbarian Methods
You may notice how tired and achy Little Sprout looks in the photos; it shows in his droopy eyes. He is cutting teeth so his gums feel hot and sore. After lunch, a Popsicle® and a ½ dose of Infant Tylenol® the little guy was feeling more perky.

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