Sunday, November 11, 2007

Watch out world, here he comes!

Bruce turned 9 months old yesterday. Gosh, I just love him to pieces. He's such a cheerful, easy-going child (as in, "he's so chill"). We've been noticing for about a month now how he loses a bit more of his baby face each day. It's changing into a soon-to-be-a-toddler face.

He has been mobile for about a month; it amazes me how, after starting to crawl, he quickly learned to pull himself to a standing position using supports (furniture, door hinges, mommy and daddy's pants legs). After one week, Bruce advanced to couch creeping. At any moment I expect him to launch off at full tilt toward something he really wants to explore.

He's growing up so fast!


A's Mom said...

Look at him standing! Just wait until he starts walking!

Brett W. McCoy said...

What a cute little guy! And thanks for inviting me to visit!