Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fiddleheads ... A New Hope?

This morning I was taking a long, bubbly soak in a warm, relaxing tub when a wool yarn ad in a knitting magazine caught my eye. A fiddlehead? Oh, the humanity!

Leave it to those quirky New Zealanders to attach iconic meaning to an unfurled fern frond. They seem to have elevated (perhaps even ennobled) the fiddlehead, calling it Koru, a Maori name symbolizing new life, strength and peace.

Lofty qualities for a tightly curled, swamp-weed. (Have they ever tasted one? Blech!) To me, fiddleheads are a god-awful, green sprout best left to mature in the muck. My in-laws, however, gorge themselves greedily on them any chance they get.

If Koru symbolizes new beginnings, growth and nurturing a loving relationship within a family, I think I can make room for it in my knitting bag. But not on my fork.

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