Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bruce's Orange Period

Pablo Picasso had his blue period. Bruce is going through what I will call his orange period. Years from now I may look back fondly on my boy's hatred of green veggies and passion for sweets. Right now, all I see is an orange cast to his normally pale, but perfect complexion.

The photo on the left was taken at the beginning of October. What a deadly little charmer, eh? The photo on the right was taken three weeks later -- "Lil' Crockett" looks decidedly more orange.

My Baby's Skin is Orange This web article describes what is going on pretty well. Basically, a harmless build-up of beta carotene is turning Bruce's skin orange. So we've been battling to get more green veggies into the boy to counteract the discoloration. So far, he's toned down from orange-tinged to more yellow-ish, but he's not yet back to his normal pink-cheeked color.

9 Month Milestones
Bruce has discovered the joys of playing with the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, the dogs' water and food bowls, etc. Lots and lots of chaos and mayhem to be had and it takes 100% diligence to keep him out of harm's way. Yes, the days fly by as Bruce finds new and exciting ways to keep himself busy. His experimentation with the doggie door is an excellent example. I'm not sure which is more intriguing, his fascination with the flap or his curiosity about putting things
(like his head?) through the flap.

Has it really been 9 months since I heaved my super-sized self into the car for the drive to the hospital to have Bruce induced? It's hard to believe that he has officially been "out" as long as he was "in."

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