Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Here!

I have been eagerly anticipating a parcel in the mail and today it arrived. It is a signed, paperback copy of Mortal Ghost, the young adult novel by L. Lee Lowe. I've been reading this author's blog for about a year now and was delighted to have an opportunity to unload swap a mug from my tea cupboard for a copy of his YA fantasy novel. It was a good trade.

Here is a photo of the mug I mailed to him in Germany, and a link to his blog entry that mentions why he bartered for a lidded drinking cup in the first place.

Thanks, Lee. I am thoroughly enjoying Jesse's story so far.

So instead of sitting at the computer, happily feeding prose to my hungry blog, I beg your indulgence while I steal away to start reading. But before I do, I just have to show you Lee's delightful inscription:

It says, "For Karen, In the hope that Jesse's story brings you a fraction of the pleasure I'm sure to get from my new mug! --Lee"

Off to start reading!

Check back tomorrow for a yummy cookie recipe that a college friend shared with me. The cookie recipe is a family favorite, handed down from grandma. Aren't those the best kind?

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