Monday, July 28, 2008

Catching up...

Since there are only a few more posts before my 100th milestone, I thought I'd catch up on the backlogged posts from May and June.

I've been waiting to upload an extremely dark (as in "low light," not "sinister") but hilarious photo of Little Sprout sleeping in his crib, but my trusty camera is holding everything on the memory card hostage. When I turned the camera on the other day I got this message: Memory Card requires formatting. I don't want to risk reformating and losing data on the memory card. So I wait for Big Daddy to either fix it or declare the photos on the memory stick walking dead.

UPDATE: Big Daddy has declared the memory stick unsalvageable. *sigh*

Remember that scene in the movie Saturday Night Fever where John Travolta's character shakes his disco booty in a white suit? That's how my sleeping angel was posed (pointy index finger and all). Oh, ha, ha, ha, disco's not dead, just sleeping! It was sooooo funny. Wish I had been able to show you. Oh well, I will be on the lookout for future snoozy poses to use as blackmail photos. Mwahahaha!

Breaking Comic Con News
I did not attend Comic Con in San Diego, CA, but I've been watching a few blogs covering news from Comic Con fairly closely. Here is a run-down of news announcements from around the Web I found to be of interest:

  • More Doctor Horrible
  • According to Joss Whedon there will be more Doctor Horrible. No details yet, but it seems that they’re looking to continue the Internet distribution.

  • Boom! Announce Farscape and Eureka Comics¹
  • Comic Publisher Boom! have signed Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon to write a four issue mini-series which he refers to as “Season Five.”

  • Rose McGowan Will Be Red Sonja
  • On Thursday Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan confirmed previous speculation that she will be starring in a Red Sonja movie. The movie is set to begin filming later this year and Rodriguez says they are planning a 2009 release date.

  • I Am Legend Sequel?
  • Francis Lawrence, the director of I Am Legend is working to put together a sequel to the film. No details at this stage.
¹ Thanks, GeekBoy (gagglefrak) for posting the comic book mock-up cover!

Enough geeking from me. A la prochaine!

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