Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guinness Layout for Father's Day

This Father's Day layout was created for Big Daddy to upload to his computer as a wallpaper. The theme is Guinness. I started with a template, scanned a Guinness can to get good color samples, added a few beer-related elements and voila!

The greens tucked under the photos are extractions of hops. The two brads were created from classic images of Guinness coasters. And I thought the quote was a perfect fit for the page.

I did attempt to create a spilled beer effect in the bottom right corner. My PhotoShop skills are still fairly fledgling. The spilled beer started out as a glitter splatter from Flergs' Rough & Tumble kit. I applied a PhotoShop tutorial for a spilled liquid effect and adjusted the color to look more like dark beer. It may not even be visible on screen unless you click on the image to see an enlarged photo, but it looks more like shiny plastic than a wet stain to me.

Regardless of the stain, I like this page very much. It captures a little moment in Little Sprout's childhood that I'm sure he'll treasure when he's grown.

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Miriam said...

Brilliant!! Oh, and your photoshopping was great too!