Saturday, January 26, 2008

Space Cowboys -- LEGO my Firefly!

Happy 50th anniversary to the LEGO brick! In honor of such a shiny occasion, I'd like to share these hand-made mini-figures, based on the short-lived TV series Firefly.

Firefly aired on television for 11 short, but exceptional episodes back in 2002.

Firefly was a Sci-Fi Western set in the inky blackness of space. It was wonderfully comedic and dramatic, with "big, damn heroes" that had realistic and gripping challenges to overcome. After it's cancellation, a legion of impressively loyal and creative fans (I was one, albeit a "Janet-Come-Lately"), flooded the FOX TV network with requests for Serenity, a full-length feature film titled after the rebel ship that was their livelihood and home.

The Reasonably Clever website shows an impressive model of the firefly-class ship Serenity out of LEGO bricks. A few years ago I bought two of the snack-size Serenity kits listed on the page as Christmas gifts for me, Mr. Ridiculous and a married couple I know who are even bigger fans than I am. (They are decorating their at-home bar in a Serenity theme. I joke that they should call it their "Fruity-Oatie Bar." Movie fans will get the reference.)

Is anyone out there making LEGO Firefly movies, similar to LEGO Star Wars? Ooh, I'd love to see those.

So, happy 50th anniverary of the LEGO brick and here's hoping that Firefly and Serenity live on for at least as long!


Scott Nolan said...

I loves me some Legos... specially the Firefly type.

I'll be in my bunk!

Scott Nolan said...

PS - just ordered Bedlam Bards and Persephone Pickers CDs from, so I can have a full suite of Firefly/Serenity inspired music.

We already have both Firefly and Serenity soundtrack CDs and "Songs from the Black" collection of Fanfilk.