Friday, January 11, 2008

"Welcome to Married Life," Part 1

As a kid I used to laugh about the expression, "Stop the world! I want to get off!" It just sounded absurd. But it sums up nicely how I feel about the emotional rollercoaster of my life this week.

OK, it also sums up how I feel about married life in general.

But before I start sucking lemons, there is one bright spot:

The Good News - First Tooth
What's this? Yessirree, a tiny, white tooth is beginning to poke through Bruce's lower gumline. Hurray! And whew, finally. Bruce's first little nipper is located in the lower front. He's having quite a fun time trying it out, even though it has barely risen more than a millimeter or two into view. And he is wasting no time learning to "take bites."

Now it's just a waiting game for the other 19 baby whites to appear.

The Bad News - A Gravely Ill Pet
Three days ago we noticed a startling change in our dear, sweet dog Julie. She had been lounging in the bed pretty much all day (which isn't all that unusual, since it is her absolute fav-o-rite place to be) and we had a hard time coaxing her downstairs. We called her down for supper and when she finally managed to descend the stairs she was very unsteady on her feet and looked dazed.

I rushed her to the vet to find that she was acutely anemic. The underside of her ears and her gums were a deathly white. How could I not have noticed that before? They took some blood for a sample and ran x-rays and advised us to rush her over to an emergency care clinic for a life-saving transfusion.


Yesterday Bruce had his 11th month-iversary. Only 29 days and counting until his first birthday!

With Julie's condition playing heavily into our daily routines, I've scrapped all brainstorming for party themes. We'll invite friends and family over to have cake, celebrate and of course take lots of pictures.

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