Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Julie Update & "Know your s--t".

Julie had her blood work done yesterday and the results were:
no change

Her red blood cell count is still 13 and there is no evidence that her RBCs are regenerating. Since she is eating, drinking and eliminating well [← euphemism alert!], the doctors recommended we take her home, continue her bland diet and cocktail of medicines, and bring her back in three days for another blood test.

Every situation has a lighter side, and I was amused when the doctor sent home a fecal scoring (a.k.a. poop) chart to help us more accurately report Julie's eliminations to the doctor.

Mr. Ridiculous has dubbed the photocopied chart the CRAPCON scale and posted it proudly by the back door. It was too fuzzy to post (you didn't REALLY want to see it anyway) so for any hardcore crapheads I offer up instead this link to "the best poo story ever."

If you clicked on the link above, it took you to a website called (I'm not kidding about this.) poopreport.com. It just goes to show (yet again) that there really are No Boundaries on the Internet. What intrigued and repulsed me about poopreport.com (enough to write about it) was that they named their marketplace "buttplugs." Eww.

One last bit of randomness. Since I used a euphemism I felt it only fair to include a perplexing (but I can't look away) Euphemism Generator Let me know if the euphemisms make sense to you.

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