Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Charlie Brown Moment

AAAAAAUGH! I feel cheated.

Think of the Charlie Brown football gag. This 36-second video clip from the "Peanuts" Classic, It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown illustrates nicely:


Instead of Lucy pulling away the football, however, imagine me pulling it away at a crucial moment. Yes, it's an arrogant analogy if I'm both Lucy and Charlie Brown. Let's move on.

A few of you are aware of my latest blog addiction, namely Smitten Kitchen. For a week now, I've been wanting to make Ms. Smitten's cold-brewed iced coffee. Did I mention I don't even drink coffee? But this coffee sounds so delicious, I just have to try it. So I drag the coffee maker out of the storage cupboard and prepare to brew up some decaf.

Calamity! While filling the pot with water, the tempered glass shatters. I stand there for a minute in stunned silence. Then I remember Ms. Smitten remarking on the difference between cold-brewing and just letting hot coffee cool off.

And just like that my calamity turns into a boon. Aside from having to replace the glass pot, I'm back on the cool joe track. (Get the Snoopy reference? Cool Joe...Joe Cool.)

Decaf grounds mixed with water, sitting at room temperature for the suggested 12 hours. Check.

By tomorrow morning I will be chomping at the bit to strain, pour over ice, add some flavored creamer and sample. Aren't you impressed with the photo? That glass lasted a whole five minutes untouched while I snapped a few digital photos -- that's restraint, baby!

You want to see what the end result looks like? Check out this Marine wife's blog: Our Life as a Military Family

I'm already dreaming of sipping this indulgent drink while knitting. At least until the calories catch up with me.


Brett W. McCoy said...

BTW, Bill Melendez, who produced many of those old Peanuts cartoons just passed away:

IsDihara said...

Thank you, Istvan, for telling me of Mr. Melendez's passing (hours before the new wires posted their briefs or obits).

The Internet is a powerful force, as was Mr. Melendez. I am sad to see him go, but grateful for the wonderful legacy of animation he left behind.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for talking about the coffee! LOL I just LOVE it!!! My kids keep thinking I'll share with them...I don't think so!

Now...tell me more about your cooking group! I've been thinking of doing one. I get the Cooking Light magazine (stay tuned for a chili recipe from there..oh yum!!) and they are always talking about them.