Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Sprout in a Big Truck

Last week I posted a photo of Little Sprout negotiating for snacks at breakfast, and a photo of him in front of his Grandpa's truck during a recent visit. Here he is behind the wheel.

He was encouraged to explore Grandpa's truck, pushing buttons, turning knobs, playing with levers and the steering wheel — it was a toddler's dream come true!

After that visit, Little Sprout's focus on trucks has doubled, possibly even tripled. He points out trucks everywhere, calling them all "daddy's truck." I think he means to say "Grandpa's truck."

It is intriguing to see him label objects around him, using the words he knows when he can't yet say the words for the concept he understands. How long will it take for his vocabulary to catch up with his cognitive development?

And given the spiraling cost of gasoline — will he be able to drive a truck when he's old enough or will gasoline-powered engines have gone the way of eight-track tapes and Betamax recorders?

That's right. Eight-tracks and Beta. Let that sink in for a minute. When was the last time you saw an eight-track tape? Did you or anyone you know own a Betamax recorder? I'm just sayin'...

By the time Little Sprout can say, "Fill 'er up," those words may have no more meaning than the broadcast phrase "film at 11."

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Miriam said...

let's cross our fingers that fill 'er up means with cherry pits or pig farts... hehehe!! Love the pictures