Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Tastiest Mistake I Ever Made

Until yesterday I was one of maybe two remaining people in the blogosphere who hadn't tried the blueberry crumb bars recipe posted on Smitten Kitchen.

I still, however dubiously, fall into the category, but I willingly join the ranks of the crumb bar faithful. Depending on how you look at it, either my technicality wouldn't hold up in foodie court or my error was so egregious as to get me laughed out of foodie court. That and the crumbs around my mouth give me away...

This dessert worked it's tender, fruity wiles on me. Did I mention it's a failed recipe? Failed because mine weren't so much crumb bars as one big, tasty crumble. But it was the tastiest mistake I ever made.

Long story short -- I forgot to put the egg in the crumbly crust/topping. Of course I spied the untouched egg on my counter -- right next to the mixer -- after I had the dessert assembled and ready to put in the oven. D'oh!

After kicking myself the entire time it was baking, I pulled out the 9x13 pan with the intention of inspecting it and tossing it in the trash.

One taste saved the pan from the trash bin. It was heavenly. Really, really (--as in, Oh Sweet Mercy, this is good!) heavenly.

I say WAS because there is precious little of it left.


A's Mom said...

Looks great! I was looking for blueberry recipes over the summer- might have to try this one.... soon.

Miriam said...

that looks awesome!! You should always leave the egg out and serve it with ice cream on top... mmmm crumbly heaven...

IsDihara said...

What a great suggestion! It will become a permanent addition to our fancy dress ice cream nights.

What? Doesn't everybody have fancy dress ice cream nights? :-)