Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall in Love With a New Fall Look

Summer seems to be rolling up its beach blanket and calling it a season. So I've been playing around with my banner again. What do you think of the new look?

I kept thinking about the gorgeous, vibrant purples in last year's Autumn leaves, and how Halloween will be here before you can say, "Boo!"

Before I knew it, I had come up with this banner plus a great idea on how to update it for Halloween.

This past week was "relatively" eventful. My parents and brother-in-law arrived for a visit on the same day! Even though they only live four (4) miles from each other, they drove from opposite directions on the eastern seaboard to spend some time with Little Sprout.

Needless to say we ate, we talked, and we teased my mom about making Little Sprout cry.

The poor, little guy. He was poised to fling food from the tray of his high chair when Grammy said, "Don't do it..." (or something innocuous to that effect - I don't think she actually told him no.) And out came the boo-boo lip. Then the full-on tears. It was his most dramatic meltdown to date. Talk about working a room!

He was over stimulated by a culmination of new faces (even if they were family) and changes to his toddler routine. It happens. We got him calmed down and everything smoothed over.

Overall it was a nice visit and we took a bunch of new photos that I will get posted up in the next day or so. Now I've got to go drag this tired body off to bed, so I can keep up with tomorrow's toddler adventures.

G'night, everybody. A toute à l'heure.

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Miriam said...

baahahah!! Little Sprout was really working grandma... you know the next time she comes out she;s goignt o be all soft on him and he's gunna work it... oh dear, you do have your hands full... hahaha, I love it!!!