Monday, August 18, 2008

Are You Bad Enough?

More silly fun coming soon to a blog near you.

One of the very fine ladies in my dinner group, Annie, posted a brief announcement about The Evil League of Evil on her blog, Often Wrong, But Never Uncertain. You can go read it there or let me sum up for you here.

Still reading? Garsh, thanks!

About a month ago, I posted about Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Joss Whedon's experimental Internet musical. If you haven't seen it and are curious, you can watch all three parts for free on It is a 43-minute comic romp with some seriously campy and entertaining acting.

The premise of the musical is that aspiring super villain Dr. Horrible wants to join The Evil League of Evil (a secret society lead by Bad Horse) and win the girl of his dreams.

The Evil League of Evil has a new website and will be accepting applications for membership soon. Sounds like wicked-good fun! So dust off your evil alter egos and practice your maniacal laughs. That is, if you think you're bad enough.

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