Friday, August 8, 2008

Batter Licking Good!

Little Sprout has succeeded in reaching his official list of first-year milestones, but that doesn't mean the fun is over. A rite of passage that I couldn't let go unnoticed is his first taste of yummy batter, licked from the spatula and mixing bowl.

He tried to be non-chalant about the whole experience, feigning more interest in the non-business end of the spatula. But this "funny face" photo captures his true feelings. Doesn't it look as though he dove face-first in the bowl?

Once he got comfortable, he didn't hold anything back. I call this one his "Pooh & the Honey Pot" photo.

As the sugar rush set in he did a tippy-toe dance of delight. His spatula arm was moving in this photo. Thank goodness most of the batter had already been licked off or else I would still be cleaning batter splatter off the cabinets, walls and ceiling.

The spatula was abandoned in favor of the four-fingered paddle method. Whooo-weeee! It's four-finger lickin' good!

My good friend Miriam over at The Stone House would say he slayed the bowl, ha ha ha! I just love how Miriam phrases things. (I'm determined to keep mentioning her blog until she adds me to her "Friends Blogs" list. Miriam are you reading this?)

But honestly, her blog is an undisputed guilty pleasure of mine. Her photos are first rate, her style is warm, funny and just off-beat enough to grab you. She's an amazing lady and a dog lover who embraces a self-sustaining lifestyle in West by-gawd Virginia now that she has escaped the corporate rat race. Go read her blog.

I leave you with this adorable shot of Little Sprout, hunkered down with hand in the batter bowl. I can't be entirely sure . . . but I think he might have been enjoying himself.


Miriam said...

Pooh and the Honey Pot photo is the best thing I've seen today!!! hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

OH my gracious!!! He is too cute for words!