Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tot Caught Papering Powder Room

[click on the image above to see an enlarged photo]

He had help.

I was tidying up the kitchen when my hair-trigger mommy-sense started tingling. You know what I'm talking about. It was too quiet.

I went to see what Little Sprout (a.k.a. Destructo Boy) was getting into and "caught" him committing a classic caper with a twist. He had a canine accomplice. (Ginger, one of our two dogs.) Can you believe they were in on it together?

For the record, Little Sprout was pulling the paper out from the roll, not slapping at it as some toddlers do. When he had yanked a fairly long piece his partner in crime would take over, skulking out of the room with the paper in her mouth.

Oh, I see exhausting days ahead. Stay tuned for more tales of reckless toddler abandon.

Here is what the journaling says around the edges of the scrapbook page:
At 18 months old, you were a perpetual motion machine - on the go and into everything. So it was inevitable that you would unroll the toilet paper roll with gusto. What I didn't expect was for you to have an accomplice! Ginger thought it was a marvelous game to help you pull the tissue off the roll & drag it into the next room. She even offered to eat the evidence.


Anonymous said...

wow! He's big, Karen! Cute as a button too it looks like? Hope all is well with you?
from VA

A's Mom said...

Too cute! Great job on the layout.