Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Got a Brand New Bag!

Ooh! I love my tote-ally darling, new handbag (and matching tissue case). I designed it last month at an at-home purse party. A lovely British lady named Jennifer Church took my choices back to her shop, called Ever Sew English, and made it for me.

Here's a peek inside so you can see how nicely the lining and interior pockets look. Admittedly, at-home parties are not normally "my bag," but the quality and workmanship of these totes really impressed me.

As a seamstress, I expected to be underwhelmed by construction shortcuts. So I scrutinized her samples inside and out, litrally turning one of her bags inside out to examine stress points and seam stability.

This designer's careful attention to detail, high level of craftmanship and flair for color really sold me. To the best of my ability I could not find a weak seam or construction flaw in her samples.

What I didn't expect was to have such a good time mixing and matching from hundreds of fabrics. And ribbon, handle and closure options. It really was fun.

Jennifer Church and her staff truly take pride in their work. I'd trust Ever Sew English to construct belly dance costumes for me, and that's saying something.

Gotta dash off to put essentials inside my pretty new purse so I can show it off tomorrow when Little Sprout and I go out!

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