Monday, August 18, 2008

Drummer Boy in a Box

Little Sprout is working on the concept of "in" or "inside."

Today he stacked four-to-five plastic containers inside each other, took them apart and then stacked them again. He sat his drink cup inside the pantry and closed the door, and tucked his favorite book inside a cupboard and closed the door. Then he dragged stuff out of the recycle bin to put inside the watering can in the garage. These little experiments went on all day long.

As the day wore on I wondered how long it would be before he put himself in something.

Sure enough! Less than 30 minutes later he started cleaning toys out of the IKEA treasure chest that Auntie Bambi brought him. He climbed inside and decided he needed to have something in there with him to while away the time.

It's a bit dark, but this 30-second video shows him drumming in his box:

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