Sunday, February 24, 2008

First Taste of Cuppy-Cake

Big Daddy finished editing the coveted First Birthday footage. Hurray!
Now everyone can watch Bruce's first taste of birthday cake.

Please Stand By

We're experiencing technical difficulties with the video code. Sorry for the suspense. Big Daddy will fix it as soon as he can. (You know how long it takes men to fix things...)

If you're still reading, here are a few highlights from Bruce's birthday bash. He was more interested in climbing on the gifts than opening them.

Once Little Man A (who knows what to do with presents since his birthday party was two months before) showed him the ropes, it was great fun opening presents!

Bruce didn't want to wear his party hat. (It was a sailor hat with the words "I'm One!" embroidered on the brim.)

It was a silly shark-themed party, so we decorated (wherever possible) with Bruce the Shark from the animated feature Finding Nemo. There was also a "How Tall Are You in Bruce Feet?" display where people could measure themselves. A standard unit was 1 Bruce Foot (4.25 inches or roughly 10.8 centimeters). Guests of every age enjoyed seeing how they measured up to the Birthday Boy Standard.

Big Daddy and I decided to bake Funfetti® cupcakes for his party because we weren't sure if it was too soon to give Bruce chocolate. Several friends and family members have questioned us about this decision. At his 12-month check-up, our pediatrician gave us the green light to feed Bruce chocolate cake, but no chocolate candy or other forms of chocolate. Too much caffeine!

We served punch out of a glass fish bowl and cheddar and pretzel goldfish snacks out of betta-size fish bowls. We scattered Finding Nemo confetti on the party table, and tied over a dozen helium-filled balloons around the room for a festive look.

Last but not least, no silly shark-themed party would be complete without a sing-a-long, right? So we sang a song (complete with hand motions) that Bruce's cousin learned at Scout Camp called Baby Shark. One of the older kids hummed the tune off and on throughout the rest of the party.

I think the best part of the party was gathering with good friends and letting all the kids play together for a few hours. Before I knew it, the fun and frolic had come to an end. Our little "baby shark" had played himself to exhaustion, BUT had fueled up on yummy cuppy-cake and crawled/toddled around for several more gleeful hours. Big Daddy and I, however, were utterly exhausted just watching him go (and go and go).

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A's Mom said...

Great birthday shots! I'll have to forward you the ones that I took as well.