Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Little Casanova

Still catching up on myriad random thoughts revolving around Valentine's Day. What can I say? When winter weather drapes the drearies over everything in sight, I give myself a shot in the arm with frilly hearts and lovey-dovey decorations. (I'm such a girl.)

Of course I dressed Bruce in red for the occasion. **drumroll**

Here's my little Casanova showing off his dimples and waving. Isn't he a deadly little charmer?

Bruce is the best Valentine, and I thank my lucky stars daily for him and the joy he brings to my life. I thank Big Daddy too, seeing as he had a hand in bringing Bruce into this world.

Speaking of Big Daddy, here is the Valentine he made me this year:

Oh, ha ha ha! It's a three-pound, heart-shaped meatloaf!
Thank you, honey, it was very tasty. (No, I didn't eat it all myself.)

One more shot of my little Casanova, with those dark, expressive eyes that make my heart melt.

Who am I kidding? Hearts are melting all over the blogosphere.


A's Mom said...

Daddy did a great job with the meatloaf! Maybe the two families should have spent the day together with my heart-shaped pancakes and strawberry cake! Yummo!

That t-shirt looks great on Bruce!

Miriam said...

hahaha!! The I heart my wife meatloaf is fantastic... women would all die of boredom if not for these clever shows of affection. Nice one, you lucky girl!