Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh Poe, How I Do Adore Thee

Like many bloggers, I keep tabs on blogs written by friends and relatives or theme-blogs that tackle topics of personal interest. The one that started it all for me is The Stone House a combination of breathtaking photos and commentary that always satisfies.

Recently Miriam posted about a subject close to my heart, Edgar Allen Poe, in Oh Charm City, How We Do Adore Thee. This post made me want to travel to Baltimore, MD, to see the Annabelle Lee for myself. And try the food.

Edgar Allen Poe fascinated me at an early age. Some of his brooding prose sticks with us all, but I think it was his macabre genius that made me want to be a writer. Once in high school I had a Humanities assignment and the teacher commented that I wrote like Poe. Was he trying to tell me I had a dark gift? Dunno, but I took it as a huge compliment. (Thanks, Mr. Zimmerman!)

Did you know that Poe has a secret visitor who pays tribute to his memory every year? Its quite dark and mysterious. Talk about keeping the suspense alive! Read all about it at The Mystery of Edgar Allen Poe's Midnight Visitor.

Carver's Dog's blog sheds light on the origins of the "Poe Toaster": Of Poe and Pigs (Don't worry, the mystery is not spoiled.) The bonus is the Looney Tunes image. I like that about Carver.

I hope that someone places Cognac and roses on my grave every year after I'm gone. It's just so terribly romantic.

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Miriam said...

like Poe said...
"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity".
thanks for the shoutout! -M