Friday, February 8, 2008

Julie, the Continuing Saga

UPDATE: We just got the report back from the animal hospital on Julie's latest blood work-up. The last time her blood was tested was two weeks ago. There is much to be happy about, but one worrisome thing.

Julie's latest blood test results showed a rise in red blood cell count from 21.5 to 28. This count would indicate our "Miracle Girl" is approaching a turning point. Way to go, Julie Julie!

Her white blood cell count is elevated (anything over 16.3 is considered high and her count is 29.3). Her doctors are putting her back on a 7-day course of antibiotics to fight any infection she may have and get the white blood cell count back in line.

Lastly, there is NO EVIDENCE of new reticulocytes (or "retics") being generated. The actual number on the printout is 0.9% --
it takes a reading of 1.5 or higher to indicate retic generation.
Not good news.

She gets another blood work-up in 1 week. And we will go from there.

Statistics aside, Julie is more vocal, lively and healthier-looking than she has been since Halloween. Steroids have been making her ravenously hungry and she has put on 5 pounds in the past two weeks. Her hip joints appear to be giving her some trouble and next week she will undergo a thorough physical exam to check for tender spots, lumps or other unusual signs.

That's all for now. We'll be taking it day by day, and count each one as a special blessing. It seems our "Miracle Dog" still has a fight ahead. As much as her body has been through already, it doesn't seem fair that she will have to fight every step of the way. But life isn't fair.

If you've been following her continuing saga, please keep Julie in your thoughts and prayers.

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