Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Food, Glorious Food

My dinner group recently met for a Not-Valentine's Day meal where we gorged our senses on delectable food, fine wine, sidesplitting conversation and all-around splendid company.
The theme for the dinner menu was "Iron Chef Chocolate" so
each dish had to include chocolate as an ingredient.

My mouth-watering entree:
[photo & recipe source: epicurious.com]

Cocoa and Spice Slow-Roasted Pork with Onions

This succulent pork roast was unbelieveably (even sinfully) delicious. As it states in the recipe, the dish needs a long, lazy roasting. But words just don't do justice to the luscious aroma that filled my home. It was an olfactory orgy of sweet and spice; a sumptuous feast in and of itself.

And here is one of the savory vegetable dishes we devoured:
[photo & recipe source: hersheys.com]

Now, I'm veggie hater -- especially squash and green veggies -- but I'll be the first one to exalt the praises of this dish. Plenty of flavor, and just the right amount of heat from the spices. It tasted like kicked-up kabobs without the skewers. ¡Es tan sabroso!

I could go on about the wonderful dishes that we polished off -- like the killer double-layer chocolate cake, the fried wonton appetizers with a creamy Nutella filling or the chocolate covered bacon (served very much tongue-in-cheek!) but I run the risk of drooling all over the keyboard.

It was a fantastic evening spent catching up with friends. As Miriam would say, "Oh, sweet mercy! It was soooooo good!"


Anonymous said...

Oh Karen! Your blog looks AMAZING! And oh my so scrumptious with all this good looking food! :) You are making me hungry girl! :) TY for sharing again!


Miriam said...

hahaha!!! That's exactly what I said while reading your blog!!! Oh!! Sweet mercy!!! your wonderful writing is making me belly grumble...

Scott Nolan said...

It was delicious, thank you! I had no idea you were shooting pictures of the food... you are sneaky and sly.

IsDihara said...

Just to make it abundantly clear to everyone, the sources of the recipe photos are from the recipe sites, not my camera.

I've linked to the recipe sites so they get all the credit for their wonderful work. I will go back into the post and mark the photos with source credits too.